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In 21st century urbanization is on the rise in India and power usage is increasing day-by-day. Wire and the cable industry is the segment fulfilling the power needs of modern India and has triggered the course of urban development including infrastructural, construction & power projects. Cities built with mortar are brought to life with the current supplied by cables. Metro Stations teeming with people, shopping malls, airports, hotels, universities, schools, offices, houses, skyscrapers and rather the entire infrastructure of the world gets its power from cables. And yet cables for the common man are just a bunch of wires, a necessary requisite for electricity.

A pioneer in cable manufacturing, Bonton Cable’s consistency in performance relies upon its focus on application of superior wire design and latest technology standards.

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We know all about the apps in our phones but nothing about the cables that guards our lives as well as provide electricity. Bad quality cables can be as lethal as bomb. This is the reason, why, Bonton study and research for the specialized designing and manufacturing of cables subjected to harsh testing before the final product is ready for use in areas inhabited by people. Our highly reliable and environment friendly cables are being used for almost every category including office fit outs, retail spaces, industrial plants, residential units, commercial projects etc.

The premier range of Bonton Cable includes House Wiring, Instrumentation Cables, Fire Survival Cables, Power Cables and special cables (Telephone/ T.V. / Camera) which are designed and manufactured as per the highest standards available in the industry. With certifications from the leading accreditation agencies for product quality and security assurance, Bonton Cables is on the path of continuous growth while serving the energy needs of modern India.

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In Bonton, we share a collective responsibility to create a better future for all.

We foster technological innovation for the purpose of providing the end users the latest technology available. To this effect, we constantly invest heavily in quality systems and product certifications.

We are recipients of maximum national and international accreditations available in the wire and cables industry. Our objective is and will always be to continually improve our internal processes and quality checks for accuracy and consistency in supplies.

The mission of our company is to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations at every point of time. We aim to add value to all our customers by offering real solutions to them.

We invest in training our employees to enhance their skills through continuous learning and increasing knowledge, enabling them to be the best in class in their respective roles.

Mr. Naveen Nandrajog
Director, Bonton Cables

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