Export Cables

To offer Cable services in overseas market, especially in the Middle-Eastern and Gulf Countries, the company has a selected list of cables especially designed keeping the power sector requirements out there.

These include:

  • Heat Resistant PVC Insulated Single Core Flexible Cable - BS 6231
  • PVC Insulated Building Wire - BS 6004 (H05V-U / H07-U / H07V-R )
  • Thermoplastic Insulated Halogen Free Cables (LSZH- Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • Pre Insulated & Sheathed Multicore Flexible Cables (BS- 6500 / HO5VV-F)
  • Control Cables- BS EN 60228 (CU /PVC/ PVC) –YSLY 91 EC 60228
  • LSZH Fire Care Thermosetting Cables BS7211